Whyalla Recording Scholarship

Our 2018 so far.....

has announced not one but TWO Winners - plus a Runner-Up!

This year for the first time Entries were open to Original musicians
aged 12 to 21 from Regions stretching from Tumby Bay to Mount Remarkable.

Candidates submitted their music online, with Finalists
then chosen to be Auditioned and interviewed in Whyalla.

Judges for WRS 2018 were Mark Tempany & Alison Hams from Stormfront Productions,
acclaimed singer songwriter Megan Laurie and last year’s WRS winner BREEZE Millard.

“The aim of WRS is to unearth the best young Original music talent in our Region, and then
tailor a prize to inspire & assist them to launch their music professionally to the world"
Mr Tempany said.

"As far as we are aware there is nothing like WRS anywhere in Australia (or maybe the world)
and the fact we are entirely independent & able to operate totally "in-house" is exceptional"
said Ms Hams.

The 2018 Whyalla Recording Scholarship WINNERS are:

17 y.o.
Liberty Tuohy
(from Port Neill)


19 y.o.
Shakira Fauser
(from Whyalla/Port Lincoln)

The 2018 Whyalla Recording Scholarship RUNNER-UP is:

15 y.o.
Jaylee Daniels
(from Whyalla)

Over the ensuing months Shakira & Liberty will work with Stormfront to
record & release their Original Debut Singles and Music Videos supported by
12 months Digital Distribution & professional industry support
to launch their music to the world.

Jaylee will also have her Single recorded, and receive
on-going promotion & support to launch it and manage her music.

The Whyalla Recording Scholarship is an entirely philanthropic initiative
entirely sponsored by Whyalla's STORMFRONT PRODUCTIONS.

We're proud to recognise our...

The 2018 Whyalla Recording Scholarship was OPEN to
young ORIGINAL musicians aged 12 to 21
with Entries closing on 29th June 2018!

for more information!

You can view the
2018 ENTRY FORM here!

Each Entrant could submit their audio/video recording by:

* WeTransfer.com (to "info@whyallarecording.com") or...

* Emailing their audio/video file(s) to info@whyallarecording.com -
or emailing us links to where we could see and/or hear their music online or...

* Posting on CD, DVD or USB to...

PO Box 2313
Whyalla Norrie
5608 SA

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