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The Winner of the 2016 WHYALLA RECORDING SCHOLARSHIP is 17 year old singer/songwriter BREEZE MILLARD.

Breeze impressed all six members of the judging panel with her original composition titled “I Have My Own Life”
and as winner of the Scholarship will now go into the studio to record and release the song as her debut single.

The inaugural WRS auditions were extremely successful, and enquiries about next year’s competition have already been received.

All entrants aged 12 to 17 were very talented - making the final decision a very close call.

“WRS is not a songwriting contest, nor is it a talent quest” founder Mark Tempany said.
“While the ultimate winner does receive the recording sessions, it is a process through which
ALL applicants learn what it takes to be a professional musician."

"Paperwork, meeting deadlines, accepting advice and of course dealing with nerves as you perform
to the best of your ability - we wanted every entrant to experience what it’s like to
expand their horizons into the world of becoming an artist”.

Judging the 2016 live auditions were Whyalla City Council’s Youth Officer Gail Rostig,
legendary Whyalla-based musician and sound-engineer Gavin Chandler as well as
Alison Hams & Mark Tempany from Stormfront Productions - with video judging in Adelaide
by Anthony & Tracy Stewart from Red Brick Music and award-winning group The Sherrahs.

Breeze’s tenure as the WRS winner will not only see her working in the studio,
but receiving a 12-month mentorship with Stormfront Productions to promote the single and develop her career.

“I’m excited to get into the studio and see my own song come to life” said Breeze.

“Thanks to Stormfront Productions and Whyalla City Council for their sponsorship of such an amazing initiative and
thanks to the judges for deeming me worthy. I can’t wait for everyone to hear my song”.

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